How to Pack Fragile Things

If you have fragile items that you plan to include in your shipment shipment, let us know and we can pack it in a special package so that it can arrive in good condition at its destination.  At Mi Tierra Cargo Express we have agents that can help you pack your delicate items. Here are some steps we recommend to pack this type of article:

1. If the item is new, it is best to leave it in its original box. If the item does not have a box, look for one that is at its approximate size or wrap it with newspaper.

2. Put foam cushion or pieces of Styrofoam on the bottom of the box before adding the pre-wrapped parts.

3. Organize the items wrapped in the box, with foam pad or wrinkled paper placed between each piece. Make sure that the sides of the packaged objects are at least 1 “(2.5 cm) away from the edge of the carton.

4. Fill all empty areas of the box with foam, crumpled paper, or pieces of Styrofoam. This will prevent items from moving or moving inside the carton.

5. When closing your box, be sure to spell the word FRAGILE clearly. This will help the moment you are transported, the people who work to get your package to your destination, put special care in your package.