General prohibition of transportation of:

Unpackaged Foods, Liquids, Spirits
Weapons, accessories and / or spare parts, ammunition, explosives, corrosives
Banknotes and coins, bearer securities, jewelery, precious stones and metals
Bio waste, cremated ash, and the like
Monetary change documents, bonds, high value art pieces
Flammable materials, batteries, pyrotechnics
Radioactive materials
Plants or vegetative material, pesticides
Pornography in any modality, stimulants, aphrodisiac lotions or cutaneous or ingestible
Uniforms, boots, equipment, badges restricted for military use
Postage Stamps and Financial Instruments Regulated by the United States Department of the Treasury
Biological, infectious and / or perishable substances
Chemicals, Restricted Medicines

Special restriction established by the customs of El Salvador and Nicaragua:

Cell phones
Various groceries, sugar, rice, instant soups
Matches and lighters
Condensed or powdered milk
Capsules or injectable medicines