Maritime Service

Our maritime cargo service is designed to meet all expectations and logistics for our customers. We consolidate all the strategies and experience of our staff. Read more

Ground Transportation

Ground transportation forms an important part of every shipment we make. We are able to transport from our centers, warehouses and from homes in the United States through trucks of a variety of sizes. Our agents in our delivery countries are also trained to safely load and unload items. Read more

Airline Service

Our air service guarantees that your merchandise arrives safely and on time at the door of your home in Dominican Republic, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador Honduras Panama, and many other countries from the United States. Read more

Customs services

At Mi Tierra Cargo Express we always think of your comfort, that is why we offer services for processing the different permits that are required for customs departments in the United States and other destinations.

Home service

Our agents are ready to pick up your shipment from wherever you are in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina or North Carolina. You can call us or request the service online. Read more

Postal box

This service allows you to have our physical address in the United States where you can send all your online purchases, packages, documents and goods from your suppliers. Read more

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